• What the heck is this?

    It's a FREE music festival, hosted on community porches. You might want to find your favorite musician and stay there all night, you might want to wander and experience many of our 45+ musicians. You get to choose! All musicians will play from 3-8pm, with two shifts-- 3-5:30 and 5:30-8, and you can use the map to see when and where your favorite musicians play! (By the way, the event is free thanks to our great partnership with Curvo Labs, The Benjamin & Anna Bosse Trust, The Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana, and Sprout Design). At 8pm, check out Two Pine playing music at the corner, or enjoy an evening at one of the local establishments.

  • What happened to the after party?

    Well, in 2021 we made the decision to move the After Party to Sunday because of the rain and-- it worked out really well! So this year, at 8pm on Saturday you can head on down to the fountain for one more round of music from TwoPine and then come back on Sunday for the After Party, 4-10pm. We have D.R. Bridges, Between the Frets, Off the Record and Mock Orange lined up to keep you entertained all evening! Find more about that event here: AFTER PARTY

  • Where should you park?

    Street parking is free! The area the event covers is large! We recommend locating a band you want to start with, parking near them and then wandering around!

  • Will streets be closed?

    Second Street will be closed around the Haynie's Corner Arts District fountain and Adams Ave will be closed in front of The Alhambra Theatre. Otherwise, no. Please drive slowly and carefully and check streets before you cross!

  • Is this event free? Are kids welcome?

    YES and YES. While there are no specific kid activities planned, kids that LOVE live music will LOVE Front Porch Fest!

  • Can I bring a cooler?

    Coolers (even ones containing alcohol) are allowed in public spaces. Hosts reserve the right to regulate their private space, please be respectful! We request that you avoid bringing glass to reduce risk of injury. Coolers are welcome at the after party but will not be allowed into the beer garden. Attendees are expected to follow all local and state laws regarding alcohol. Free water will be available, courtesy of Haynie's Corner Arts District Association, near the fountain while supplies last.

  • Are there public toilets?

    Yes! Port-o-potties and a hand washing station are available near the Alhambra, in the 700 block of Second Street, and at The Rathbone.

  • Are there food trucks?

    Yes! You can find food trucks near the Haynie's Corner Fountain from 3-9pm on Saturday, and then again at the fountain on Sunday for the After Party from 4-10pm!

  • What else should I bring?

    Consider small (or large!) bills to tip your favorite musicians, beverages— water for everyone, but open alcohol containers are allowed in public spaces for those over 21, an easy to carry chair, and your ID if you plan to enter the beer garden at any point on Saturday or Sunday.